Single  traveler                                    USD  270
Adult : 2  or more traveler                USD 150 each
Child(4-10 years):                              USD  135 each
Minimum 2 adults
Pick up   :   10:00-10:30
Duration :10 hrs
Our Itinerary
1000-1030hrs  Complimenty pick up within Kuala Lumpur from your hotel reception by English speaking Tour Coordinators awarded Certificate of Service Exellene
ADRABLE ELEPHANTS -The Elephant Conservation  Center in Kuala Gandah 1989 is a base for locating ,subduing ,and trans locating our critically endangerd 1,200 elephants from areas where their habitat has been encroached upon .The wild elephants and the orphaned elephants are sent back deeper into the National Park for their survival thereafter.
Due to natural habital loss ,elephant lookfor food at plantations and thus get shot by farmers .The center educates and creates public awareness with help from WWF(World  Wildlife Foundtation ).
Elephant rides are banned .Photo shoot elephants in their enclosures.
BANANA LEAF LUNCH  These meals are served on a Banana Leaf with an assortment of vegetables ,pickles ,”appalam” The Banana Leaf acts as a disposable plate ,These meals are eaten by hand ,After  a meal ,the  Banana leaf must be folded inwards as a sign of gratitude and satisfaction ,It is a take home experience
LOVABLE SILVER LEAF MONKEYS  are found at Bukit Melawati Hills in Kuala Selangor ,Generally harmless ,playful ,intelligent ,grey colored  they forage for food -youg shoots ,nuts and fruits ,They are found in coastal ,mangrove and riverine forests and live in clusters of 10 .The babies are golden  in color and after  3 months turn silver ,Children will love this encounter ,Photo shoot
SEAFOOD  DINNER Kuala Selangor’s main attraction is the seafood  you will get to taste different dishes fresh from the sea at a riverside cafe
DAZZLING  FIFEFLIES  are known as lightning bugs as they shine brightly at nite to attract a suitable partner ,They come at dusk to rest ,feed and mate ,They  make love daily ,Their synchronous flash is produced by a biochemical reaction on their litht organs situated at their bottoms .Catch b boat afrer dusk to watch fireflies at their dazzling best on mangrover  tress  resembling rows of sparkling lights as in a Christmas ttree A fascinating sight to behold ans silence to prevail .Return transfer to Kuala Lumpur arriving approx .2100hrs .Thank you for your support